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Certified Healthcare Navigatorâ„¢:: Healthcare Reform Conference

 Affordable Insurance Exchanges mandated under Healthcare Reform require managing complex rules and regulations in regards to individuals and small employers starting January 1, 2014 and eventually mid-size to large employers.

The Certified Healthcare Navigator™ created in conjunction with the Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute is a certification of expertise in Insurance Exchanges and Marketplaces.

The Navigator Certification Course Will Cover:

  • The Final rules for the Health Insurance Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Implications of State and Federal Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Case Studies of Insurance Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Role of Brokers, Agents and Navigators
  • Technological and operational elements of Insurance Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Private versus Public Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Other insurance products offering in the exchanges & Marketplaces

Other Course Modules Will Cover

  • General Provisions
  • General Standards Related to the Establishment of an Exchange by a State
  • General Functions of an Exchange & Marketplaces]
  • Exchange Functions in the Individual Market: Eligibility Determinations for Exchange & Marketplaces
  • Participation and Insurance Affordability Programs
  • Exchange Functions in the Individual Market: Enrollment in Qualified Health Plans
  • Exchange Functions: Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
  • Exchange Functions: Certification of Qualified Health Plans
  • Health Insurance Issuer Standards under the Affordable Care Act, Including Standards Related to Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Qualified Health Plan Minimum Certification Standards
  • Employer Interactions with Exchange and SHOP Participation
  • Standards for Qualified Employers
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis

The Certification for Insurance Exchange Specialist® was created for:

  • Insurance and Human Resource Professionals
  • Government Employees
  • Others involved in Healthcare and Insurance

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Healthcare Navigator™

Becoming a Certified Healthcare Navigator ™ provides you the opportunity to learn critical information in insurance exchanges and marketplacces. It provides you with a competitive edge in the industry by demonstrating to employers and colleagues that you:

  • Have a higher level of understanding and knowledge of Insurance Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • Possess the training and knowledge to successfully work in an environment that deals with or in exchanges
  • Demonstrate that you are up to date with current best practices and rules in regards to insurance exchanges on an ongoing basis through continuing education courses required for recertification
  • Possess the qualifications and abilities for job promotion and career enhancement

Benefits for Employers:

By requiring or covering the expense of certification for your staff, you are ensuring that your staff has the most updated policies, rules and regulations and that current best practices are implemented in regards to insurance exchanges. Certified Healthcare Navigator™ staff can help your organization maintain a competitive edge.

The Certified Healthcare Navigator™ Certification is provided to Professionals who:

  • Pass a challenging 100+ question exam
  • Meet professional experience requirements
  • Meet educational requirements
  • Maintain their insurance exchange specialty credentials through continuing education courses required in order to maintain the Certified Healthcare Navigator ™ designation

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